Interview Tips

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Know The Type Of Job Interview Questions You May Be Asked

Good interview preparation involves anticipating questions you are likely to encounter. This allows you to prepare suitable answers prior to your interview, which helps you maintain your composure during the interview.

Have Questions Of Your Own To Ask

In addition to asking you questions, our interviewer will expect you to have some questions of your own to ask. Inability to ask pertinent questions during job interviews can convey a lack of preparation and commitment on your part, not only to the particular job, but also to the company. We show you how to avoid this trap with suggestions of good questions to ask at specific job interviews.

Recognize The Importance Of Good Body Language During Interviews

Your body language can greatly influence the interviewer's overall picture of you and hence the success of your interview. We provide tips on how to communicate showing confidence and intelligence.

Be Prepared For Personality And Aptitude Tests

Finally, good interview preparation includes being prepared for a psychometric test that will very likely be given prior to or at the interview. Most employment and recruitment firms now actively use them in their selection process and indeed, base some of their interview questions on what the tests reveal about candidates.

Taking your own test before an interview will help you improve your CV by helping you focus on your strengths. Furthermore, taking such a test helps you to be better prepared to answer interview questions. Often, interviewers ask questions based on perceived weaknesses that show up on a psychometric test. Preparing with taking your own test prior to the interview can help you use any weaknesses you may have to your advantage. Rather than being taken unawares by the visibility of such weaknesses, you already know about them, and can prepare in advance how to address these areas and use them constructively, to your advantage.

Ultimately, you are trying to sell yourself and your skills. Being confidently at ease with yourself during job interviews is a potent and compelling selling point in itself. By answering questions confidently, you will have a better chance of winning jobs.